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About Vue Privée Prints

How can Vue Privée offer such accessible prices for our limited edition prints?
Our goal is to democratize the art world by offering museum quality prints at a much lower price. We work with artists who believe in making art accessible to a wider audience. The photographers and artists we collaborate with at Vue Privée have agreed to increase the number of prints based on fair market pricing. Standard gallery practice is to offer fine art photography prints at editions of 25 or lower. By offering editions of 100 or 500, we are able to change the cost accordingly to offer them at prices below $2,000.

How do I know that my Vue Privée print is authentic?
All limited edition prints comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. To guarantee the authenticity, each certificate comes signed by the VP's founder, Olivier Henry, and/or by the specific artist. Additionally, all certificates are stamped with VP's official company seal.

What are the print sizes, edition size, and price range at Vue Privée?
Whether you're buying a print as a gift or for your private collection, our goal at Vue Privée is to offer prints to collectors at accessible prices. Vue Privée offers 3 types of series designed for specifically for you:

Depending on the artist, each limited edition print will be maximum size of 35.5cm x 28cm (or equivalent) printed on archival paper and mounted on 40 x 50cm archival matte board with passé partout. The print comes in an edition size of 500 +5 artist proofs at a starting price under $100.

This series is offered in two sizes, both available at editions of 100 +5 artist proofs.

Option 1: Depending on the artist, each limited edition print will be maximum size of 40cm x 60cm (or equivalent) printed on archival paper. The starting price is $150.

Option 2: Depending on the artist, each limited edition print will be maximum size of 60cm x 90cm (or equivalent) printed on archival paper. The starting price is $400.

Sizes will vary depending on the artist. Each artwork is available unframed or with framing/mounting per the artist's preference. Prints come in edition sizes less than 25 + artist proofs (if available), which will vary depending on the artist, at a starting price of $2000 or above.

Why do the prices change for l'aventurier series as more are sold?
When an edition is sold out, its value increases since the supply no longer available. Galleries practice the concept of increased prices for the last copies of an edition. After 75% of the series is sold, the price increases for the remaining 25% available in the edition. This model rewards the purchaser who buys before the price increase. It is important to be aware that the price increase is within the value of the artwork and is not considered overpaying.

Do prints look exactly like the images we see online?
We strive to ensure that the images you see online are similar to our final prints. Nonetheless, the tonal qualities of the type of paper each artist/photographer choose to print on may vary, which will differ slightly from what you see on the screen. We also use calibrated monitors to produce test strips to match the true colors with our artists and photographers. However, most of you do not have calibrated monitors and therefore your monitor might display colors incorrectly.

How can I purchase a print without ordering it online?
We stock all our images at our Vue Privée gallery situated on 20 Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229652. It is a yellow shophouse located off Orchard Road within a 5 minute walking distance of Somerset MRT station.

Does Vue Privée have copyright license on our limited edition prints?
The artists who created the limited editions prints hold all rights to their artworks. Likewise, when Vue Privée is the creator of the artwork, we hold the exclusive copyrights.


Ordering Prints/Merchandise

How can I add your prints into my wish list?
You can find the "Add to Wish List" button on every print page. Just click the button and the itme will automatically be placed in Your Wish List. This process is the same for all Unique Items.

What are the payment methods offered?
We accept several modes of payment at Vue Privée depending if you purchase through the Website or at our Singapore gallery location. Our Singapore gallery accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards as well as checks from local banks. The website uses Paypal which accepts payments by Visa/MasterCard/American Express Credit Cards or Visa/MasterCard Debit Cards (w/ Visa/MasterCard logo) for Singapore bank cards. If you are located outside of Singapore please see Paypal list of accepted credit cards based on your banks country of origin.

How can I know whether the credit card transactions are secured?
Vue Privée uses PayPal as our portal for all transactions. PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, your financial information is not shared with Vue Privée. Please visit Paypal for more information.

What currency is my credit card billed in?
All transactions are done in Singapore currency.

How do you ship your prints?
Vue Privée ships artworks anywhere in Singapore via mail or private courier, depending on the item. All international shipments are handled by our shipping partner, and can be delivered to most countries. We usually ship within 5 business days after your order is completed.

You can visit our shipping information page for detailed information about our shipping policy and estimated delivery timeframes.

Why is the fee I'm charged for shipping is higher than the postage paid on my envelope, for local deliveries in Singapore?

The postage cost list on the package does not include our overall charges for shipping and handling. Handling costs include the cost of packing materials as well as fees that cover the manual labor to pack and ship your order.

How do you ship your prints?
At Vue Privée, we pack each limited edition print based on an order-by-order basis to make sure that your artwork arrives in good condition. All l'aventurier prints will be layered with acid-free tissues before placing them in sturdy cardboard tubes. Our l'explorateur prints will be placed in a protective shipping folder with acid free paper protecting the surface of the print.

What if my print gets damages during shipping?
We do our best to package our prints with extra care. Although it's extremely rare, some prints might get damaged during the shipping process. See our Return and Exchange Policy page for additional details if your print arrived damaged.


After Purchasing

Where can I print out an invoice for my transaction?
For order processed on our website, a confirmation receipt will be emailed to you once you've completed the transaction. To retrieve your invoice at a later date, go to Your Account. Under the section called Your Order History, select the desired invoice and print.

How can I track my order?
Tracking is available for some international shipments; please check our shipping information page for details. Once getting the confirmation email, using the tracking number you can check the status of your order by logging into the Speedpost and following the instructions provided.

What is Vue Privée's return and exchange policy?
We handle every return or exchange inquiry personally, so if you're not totally pleased with your purchase, please let us know and we will accommodate your queries to our full potential. Please visit our complete Return and Exchange Policy for more details.

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