Past Exhibitions


Past Exhibitions
Dubai International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) 2012-2013 Edition From 3 May to 19 May 2013
Imagine: Phillipine Art Trek VI From 3 Nov to 25 Nov 2012
2 = 1 From 5 Sep to 27 Sep 2012
Unnecessarily Well Made From 15 Aug to 18 Aug 2012
Tokyo Erotika From 6 Jun to 28 Jun 2012
Buy Bye From 26 Apr - 20 May 2012
Staging Art From 5 Feb - 19 Feb 2012
Art Stage From 12 Jan - 15 Jan 2012
Democratising China From 3 Nov - 20 Nov 2011
Rock Re-Awakens From 21 Sept - 23 Oct 2011
Moving Stills From 16 June - 4 Sep 2011
Pretty Grotesque From 10 Mar - 22 May 2011
Visible Ephermeral. Invisible Eternal From 24 Nov - 9 Jan 2011
On The Edge From 20 Aug - 3 Oct 2010
Technicolour Japan From 14 May - 4 Jul 2010


Dubai International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) 2012-2013 Edition
From 3 May to 19 May 2013

Vue Privée is pleased to announce the winners of their partnership with Dubai's 2nd International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) 2012-2013 Edition as an Official Awards Partner. The winners will see their works showcased at Vue Privée’s salon space 3rd -19th May 2013.

The International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA), under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Wafa Hasher AlMaktoum, and supported by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (DCAA) proudly announces the winners of the 2013 Emerging Emirati and Emerging International Artist award categories.

The United Arab Emirates’ is the first contemporary art competition open for artists from both the UAE and internationally. The IEAA was created with the vision to provide world-class recognition for emerging artists and as a means to showcase their work by offering an international exhibition road show.

This year, the IEAA launched the Emerging Emirati Artist Award: a special focus on Emirati talents in conjunction with the international competition. The initiative is the first of its kind that offers contemporary Emirati artists the chance to showcase their work outside of the UAE. The 2013 award was presented to 33 year old Dr. Hamad Al Falasi.

Al Falasi’s work, inspired by colloquial Emirati Arabic, is an examination of language. His series of digital photographs aims to document pure colloquial words used within UAE society and emphasizes the beauty of dialect through pieces shot in various locations in the UAE, chosen carefully to reflect on where particular Emirati words originated and where they might fade away.

27 year old Pablo de Laborde Lascaris, a Mexican national living and working in the United Kingdom, was the proud recipient of the 2013 Emerging International Artist Award: a category open to artists across the globe. The winning piece revolves around a succession of playful studies, which build upon the associations between carefully chosen objects and the method in which the artist chose to animate them. Lascaris examines primordial artifacts, games and toys, and alters their mechanization and form to change their functionality and question their practicality or purpose.

The Middle East Institute (MEI) is a sponsor of Vue Privée’s International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) 2012-2013 Edition. MEI is an autonomous research institute within the National University of Singapore (NUS) whose primary objectives are to produce non-partisan analyses of current Middle East issues regarding security, economics and society, and to disseminate such knowledge and insights to policy-makers, the business community, academia and civil society. The Institute organises conferences, seminars, film nights and exhibitions to promote a deeperunderstanding in Singapore of the contemporary Middle East.” says Charlotte Schriwer from the MEI.

Prime Star Group is pleased to be a sponsor of this exhibition as a proud sponsor of the arts in Singapore.

Imagine: Phillipine Art Trek VI
From 5 Nov to 25 Nov 2012

Vue Privée is pleased to present “Imagine”, an exhibition brought to you in partnership with the Philippine Embassy, as part of Philippine Art Trek VI, a series of exhibits by established and emerging Filipino artists, spread over a month across some of Singapore’s top art galleries.

“Imagine” explores the possibility of a world without pain, wars, hatred, imbalances, and fears, representing the artists’ aspirations and dreams. Portraying a world that the artists’ wish for and causing them to wonder if this imaginary world would still fuel their artistic imagination. Contained within the works the viewer sees what people would supposedly look like and what would be reflected in cities and nature. This show hopes to stimulate discussion and poses the question, “What is truly important in life?”

Be inspired by a world of fantasy or a world mirroring a true reflection of what you wish it could be. Take a brief moment… Imagine…

[VP]’s latest salon experience will bring together nine exciting names in Philippine art for one of the biggest annual expositions of Philippine art outside of the Philippines. Artists included in Imagine are Arnica Acantilado, Tyago Almario, James Gabito, Ronald Jeresano, Lester Rodriguez, Jeffrey Salon, CJ Tanedo, Cris Tuazon, and Michael Villagante.


2 = 1
From 5 Sep to 27 Sep 2012

This exhibition explores the conflict and the complex relationship between two characters within a human being.Within each woman is the animus or the masculine side, just as each man has an anima or the feminine aspect within him.

As a woman, Phuong shares the same feeling of the masculine aggression that can occur when a woman struggles to bring her animus into balance so that her feminine nature can thrive.

Textured in black, emerging from the void together with a powerful, masculine red, they attempt to dominate the canvas, barely contained by the clarity and understanding of the white.


Unnecessarily Well Made
From 15 Aug to 18 Aug 2012

This collaboration features contemporary artists from the region and around the world and keeping with the theme of the event; this collaboration embodies the Vue Privée spirit that "Art is a Lifestyle.” The exhibition will feature contemporary artists from the region and beyond including Aiman (Singapore), The Gao Brothers (China), Phuong Dang (Vietnam), Ivan Lee Mora (USA), Peeta (Italy), Emi Uchida (Japan), Michael Bradfield (Australia) and Emma Hack (Australia).


Tokyo Erotika
From 6 June to 28 June 2012

Tokyo Erotika, a thought-provoking and compelling group exhibtion, aims to explore the varying persepctives on sexuality in Japan. The show will feature the diverse works of three different artists, Emi Uchida (Japan), K-Narf (France/Australia), and Xavier Comas (Spain), each from constrasting cultures conveying their messages with dissimilar mediums. The range of this exhibition offers many perceptions for art lovers to contemplate the subject of sexuality in Japanese Culture.


Buy Bye
From 26 April to 20 May 2012

With incomes rising rapidly among Asia’s burgeoning middle class, the region has been transitioning from a saving culture to one where conspicuous spending is unashamedly celebrated as aspirational goals revolve around amassing branded luxury goods. With shifting attitudes toward the ostentatious display of wealth, Western luxury brands have been flocking to the region’s gleaming new malls to meet the ever-increasing demand.

Curated by art & luxury lifestyle freelance journalist Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop, “Buy Bye” brings together five talented artists from across the region: Astari (Indonesia), Aíman (Singapore), Han Yajuan (China), Justin Lee (Singapore) and Pham Huy Thong (Vietnam).


Staging Art
From 12 Jan to 15 Jan 2012

As an extension to Art Stage, Vue Privée presents Staging Art, a group exhibition featuring the famous Gao Brothers (China), street artist Burton Machen (USA) and one of Singapore’s best emerging talents, Aíman.

A story unfolds with a tribute to the progenitors of the Gao Brothers, and continues into a documented example of their performance art. Also on show, an Intriguing photograph of unsavory political and revolutionary characters, both modern and historical.

Specially commissioned for this show, Burton has used Asian icons such as Ai Weiwei and Mao Zedong, as his subject matters, using his signature collage-like co-creations set in urban landscapes.

Lastly, his biggest piece to date, contemporary visual artist Aiman uses oils, layer upon layer, applied to the canvas to portray the absurdity of conformity in society.

A fusion of mediums and messages, this show promises to be thought provoking and exciting.

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