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"Art Stage Singapore" radio feature, The Strand – BBC World Service,17 January 2012


"Gallery Vue Privée… brought in China's Gao Brothers"

"Asian Art takes Centre Stage" by Deepika Shetty, The Straits Times (Life!), 17 January 2012


"World Hug Day. Performance by Gao Brothers", Vernissage TV, 15 January 2012


"the gallery that had brought the controversial artists and their works…"

"World Hug Day! Gao Bros spread some love!" by Mayo Martin, TODAYonline, 14 January 2012


"The public art performance… is all about expressing love for each other"

"Grab free hugs at the Singapore's World Hug Day" by Edwin Tam and Sarah Liu, CNNGO, 13 January 2012


"first time to stage… performance art, World Hug Day"

"Controversial Chinese artist to perform here" by Cheong Poh Kwan, news.asiaone.com, 13 January 2012


"Gao Brothers' paintings… will be on show in the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre, presented by Singapore art gallery Vue Privée."

"Call to Arms" by Corrie Tan, The Straits Times (Life!), 13 January 2012


"a huge "Portrait of Ai Weiwei" by the Gao Brothers (Vue Privée)"

"The Art Market: January Blues Banished" by Georgina Adam, Financial Times, 13 January 2012


"The brothers are also known for "World Hug Day,"…gallery Vue Privée is holding it"

"An Artist Ranks His Favorites, From Michelangelo to Ai Weiwei" by Kristiano Ang, Wall Street Journal, 12 January 2012


"Don't miss their 'World Hug Day' performance at Marina Bay Sands…"

"Critics' Choice: The three best shows in town this month", Time Out Singapore, January 2012


"Young art gallery Vue Privée has announced it will exhibit new and old works by the Gao Brothers"

"Gao Brothers @ Art Stage Singapore", Luxartasia.com, 18 December 2011


"China's famous Gao Brothers expect hundreds (if not thousands) of participants for their enormous “World Hug Day” performance"

"Art Stage Singapore Spotlights Asia's Contemporary Scene", MutualArt.com, 14 December 2011


"Vue Privée is bringing in the renowned World Hug Day, by Chinese artists Gao Brothers."

"Asia Centre Stage" by Deepika Shetty, The Straits Times (Life!), 8 December 2011


"they can also expect to see -- and participate in -- performances and interactive projects such as the Gao Brothers' 'World Hug Day' (presented by Vue Privee, Singapore)"

"Lion City prepares for Art Stage Singapore 2012", Yahoo!, 30 November 2011


"If you're tired of looking at the perfect visages of the 21st century's manufactured music makers, Singapore's Vue Privée gallery might just have an antidote…"

"Get Your Rocks Off", The Rake, Issue 17 Vol. 5


"Amongst the photographic works, is the first public showing of selected images of three-time Lucie award winner, Eddie Sung."

"Rock On", Designaré Homme, September 2011


"This momentous showcase doesn't just gather internationally renowned shutterbugs… but also works as a thrilling ride through rock's finest shapes and sizes…"

"Rock Re-awakens", JUICE, September 2011


"This photography exhibition captures the legends of '60s and '70s…"

"Now Trends: September Diary", Home & Décor, September 2011


"an exhibition featuring original iconic images of eminent rock bands of the '60s and '70s."

"Rock On", Prestige, September 2011


"Vue Privee has certainly outdone itself with Rock Re-awakens, an exhibition that features the works of music photographers who gave us some of the most renowned images in music history.”

"Rock Never Dies", Style, September 2011


"Vue Privee's Rock Re-awakens exhibition features original rock images, some of which are public debuts"

"Rock Immortalised", Singapore Tatler, September 2011


"The largest exhibition of rock photography in Singapore to date…"

"Who Shot Rock and Roll?", Female, September 2011


“Whether you are a long-time loyal fan of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Queen, or just beginning to discover the magic behind old-school rock 'n' roll, this is one exhibition you should not miss...”

"Rock Anthem", Elle, September 2011


"The mavericks featured in "Rock Re-Awakens", integrated these messages of liberation, ethics and politics into their music. This music infiltrated the hearts of everyone, from politicians to high school girls..."

"Rock Re-Awakens", The American Club, September/October 2011


"Eddie Sung will exhibit his works at Vue Privee..."

"Rock and rolls" by Lisa-Ann Lee, Time Out Singapore, September 2011


"Traversing the confluence between the moving and the still... The result is as diverse as its featured artists, with each one a film-indebted masterpiece that covers topics from conformity, fear, sex to politics"

"Take Two" by Liz Anne Bautista, Surface Asia Issue 05, 2011


"Power of Words"

"Power of Words", Style, August 2011


On Artist of the Month Stefen Chow

"Artist of the Month" by Mae Chong, Plussixfive.com, July 2011


On Artist of the Month Inga Beckmann 

"Artist of the Month" by Mae Chong, Plussixfive.com, June 2011


"the most talked about contemporary art as well as classic art pieces of the moment"

"June's Summer Art Explosion", InSing.com, June 2011


"redefining and democratizing the world of fine art photography"

"Vue Privée", Artinasia.com, July 2011


"Bringing photographic inspired art to you"

"Vue Privée" by Mae Chong, Plussixfive.com, March 2011


"Singapore artists getting global recognition... Vue Privee... Broke new grounds"

"A Private View", Designare Homme, June 2011


"The exhibition promises to be an edgy fusion of not only art forms, but also Eastern and Western influences."

"New Spin on Old Stills", The Business Times, June 2011


"Breaking the boundaries of art"

"Breaking the Boundaries of Art", FOCUS, Spring 2011


"Driven by the desire to democratize art ... which is unique in Asia for its online sales model"

"Click Art", The Peak, May 2011


"His (Mojoko) unconventional artworks attracted an eclectic crowd of art lovers and creative individuals."

"Faces", Singapore Tatler, May 2011


"Prints and the revolution. Vue Privee gallery allows entry-level collectors to buy limited-edition photographs."

"Prints and The Revolution", FHM, April 2011


"Vue Privee, a brainchild of Singapore-based photographer Olivier Henry, offers a destination for buying art - your own home."

"Vue Privée", Lookbox Issue 20, 2011


""Vue Privee is a cool new art concept ... "."

"Room with a Vue", Expat Living, March 2011


"Art establishment Vue Privée wants to make art accessible to everyone with its affordable photography-inspired pieces, and now a new online sales gallery."

"Art for All" by Chiquit Torrente, Home & Decor, March 2011


"This project is rooted in the belief that art should be made accessible to all and aims to provide alternative views on the understanding of photography though collaborative efforts with artists."

"Movers and Shakers in Print" by Charmaine Ho, Style, Feb 2011


"Henry plans to make photographic prints more accessible to the masses, and works with photographers to make their prints available in larger edition numbers."

"Art gets more accessible" by Sharon Cheah Ui-Hoon, Business Times, Jan 2011


""It is a place you can come in, browse and walk home with a piece of art.""

"Arts and Culture: Vue Privée", Great New Places, Jan 2011


"Vue Privée plans to be the first Asian gallery of its kind to sell photographic prints and art online."

"Trigger Happy Generation" by Sharon Cheah Ui-Hoon, Business Times, Jan 2011


"What a beautiful presentation for a wonderful collection of archival prints. Amazing."

"One" by Clark Macleod, Popwuping, Jan 2011


"The Frenchman moved to Singapore in 1998, quickly establishing himself as one of Singapore's most respected photographers, and found success with his studio Milk Photography. The gallery sold 39 works in two days at the Affordable Art Fair ... "

"Movers and Shakers of Singapore's Art Scene", Time Out Singapore, April 2011


"What sets Vue Privée apart from other art galleries is its efforts to expand and reach out to new facets of the collectors' world, one of which is the opening of an on-line art gallery in March 2011."

"Vue Privée", LifestyleAsia.com, Jan 2011


"Singapore-based French photographer Olivier Henry breaks the boundaries of art appreciation with his new gallery space Vue Privée"

"State of the Art: Vue Privée" by Hidayah Salamat, I-S Magazine, December 2010


"I really believe that art is a lifestyle and that it should be for everyone."

"Art Made Affordable" by Corrie Tan, The Straits Times, November 2011


"This is a very interesting concept and they complement the photographic works very nicely. Definitely worth a visit."

"Technicolour Japan" by Sonia Jessop, Art & Luxury in Asia, May 2010

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