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Artist of the Month
Giwon July 2013
Pariwat December 2012
Peeta October 2012
Hirotoshi Ito September 2012
Phuong Dang August 2012
Xavier Comas July 2012
Nigel Scott June 2012
Nadège David May 2012
K-Narf April 2012
Emi Uchida February 2012
Kim Xu January 2012
Marcel Heijnen November 2011
Mydeadpony October 2011
Burton Machen September 2011
Nicolas Evariste August 2011
Stefen Chow July 2011
Inga Beckmann June 2011


July 2013

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Intense colors, relationships and friends. These are some of the elements that inspire our artist for July 2013.

In 1974, Giwon Yoon was born in Jangseong, Jeollanam-do Province in Korea. He received his BFA in painting from Hongic University. After his graduation, he joined the artist club of Studio_UNIT, and he became known as a pop artist through newspaper and TV with this club activity. His signature style was first popularized through a series of friends in 2006.

He has held roughly 11 solo exhibitions in Korea and abroad, and he has participated in a number of group exhibitions and art fairs. Giwon currently lives and works at the Norim studio of regional closed school with other artists.


December 2012